BW vs. Olentangy Orange 2017

Abe Myers played the first half against Olentangy Orange at RB/LB on September 15, 2017. His fibula was broken when he was tackled just before halftime. Abe returns to sports at 100% within 4-5 months with no long term issues—a blessing.

Here’s the story from ThisWeek News.

Looking forward, Abraham has accepted a PFO offer to join The Ohio State Buckeyes. The OSU track and field coach has invited him to join their program as well.

Honored and grateful, Abraham plans to exceed all expectations.

Here are Abe’s season totals for the first 3.5 games:

83 carries
468 yards
27 solo tackles
25 assists
3 tackles for loss (sacks)
1 forced fumble
2 receptions
3 touchdowns