18 OH ILB Abe Myers Recaps Michigan State Visit – on scout.com

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Posted by Luke Robins on scout.com. Originally published on Spartan Nation by Hondo Carpenter.

Abe Myers, a 2-star 2018 recruit from Sunbury, Ohio caught up with Spartan Nation to discuss his recent practice at the Elite Camp at Michigan State University, developments in his recruitment and how Michigan State plays into it all.

The 6-foot-2 and 220 pound linebacker got a chance to showcase his skills alongside other talented recruits from his state. It was a good experience for him, because not only did get a chance to impress recruits, but he also got valuable reps competing against other players at his position.

“The camp went well,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “There was definitely a great group of linebackers at the camp so it was good competition to go against each other. It was a great experience.”

During the camp, Myers got the chance to co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Mike Tressel and gain some insight on what he sees. Myers explained that the two things Tressel wants from him is to work on the flexibility in the hips and to stay in touch. There were a lot of good things to take away from it.

“[Tressel] told me that he was going to stay in touch and liked everything he saw. Everything was pretty good from him,” Meyers told Spartan Nation.

Myers expanded by saying that he believes he showed that he has the explosiveness and athleticism to play at the next level. His movement around the field is very much a strong suit, but a little work on his flexibility will go a long way. Tressel sees all of this, but also advised him to work on them every day and Myers plans heed his advice.

“I think I showed that I move and run pretty well. I’m explosive and a good athlete, I just need to work on my flexibility,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “Tressel told me to work on my hips every day and that’s what I’m going to do. He can see the athleticism and explosion is there. It’s a little different when you have pads on, but it shouldn’t change much.”

The linebacker was quite impressed with just about everything about Michigan State claiming that the football program is one of the top in the country. For Myers, there is an awe factor with the Spartans that truly impresses him whether it is the facilities, the rich tradition or the trophies on display.

“The facilities are second to none. Michigan State is a top football program in the nation,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “Everything made me say ‘wow.’ That’s across the board from the facilities to the tradition and the trophies. It was cool.”

Myers said that he mostly has offers from Mid-American Conference he noted that he has recently received an offer from Ohio, Kent State, Cincinnati, Air Force and Holy Cross. He hopes to get the chance to camp at Cincinnati sometime.

The most important factor of Myers’ recruitment might be in his younger brother, Eli. Although he is a year younger, Abe said he likes to refer to Eli as his “younger older brother” because he already stands a full inch taller. Abe said that the goal for them is to go to the same school and hopefully get to play with each other as Eli plays defensive end. Worst case, they would like at least see each other during practice and at games.

“That’s our goal for college. It would be really cool,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “We want to be able to play together or at least get to see each other. It’d be perfect, the ideal situation.”

There will be much more to Myers’ recruitment so stay tuned to Spartan Nation for more.